If Jabotinsky were here today, what would he say?
That keeping to the middle of the road only makes us vulnerable to being hit.
We must choose.
There is a time to lie low and a time to fight, and the time for the latter is now.
The alternative is to surrender and let evil prevail.
God has been on our side through the ages, and He is with us now.

Combat Focus Shooting Course, Sept 30 and Oct 1

The Combat Focus® Shooting Program is an intuitive defensive shooting program designed to make students more efficient with their defensive firearms in the context of an unexpected attack. The CFS program was developed due to the fact that what we

Ladies Day Introduction to Handguns | Sunday, August 23

ladies day3

This introductory class is specially designed for women who want to learn the basics of handguns. We will start in the classroom/instruction/training time (3 hours) and then head out to the range for live shooting (2 hours). We will be

Independence Day Fun Shoot and Picnic – Celebrating the Second Amendment

WASHINGTON — Americans need to remain vigilant to the threat of a terrorist attack heading into the Independence Day weekend, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee warned Sunday.# Jews Can Shoot will be vigilant on July 5th at

Arabs in Jerusalem taunting Israeli police (VIDEO)

Arabs in Jerusalem

  מקבלי ביטוח לאומי יוצאים למחאה   אינטיפדה ? או לא אינטיפדה ? המינוח אינו משנה ערכתי תמונות מאתמול. בשכונה בירושלים 50 מטרים מבתיה המזרחיים של הגבעה הצרפתית Posted by ‎בני ליס‎ on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Op-Ed: Daesh: It’s not an Organization, It’s a State

Islamic State coin side 2 INN:MK

It won’t help the West to live in denial. There is a state out there that has to be destroyed just as Nazi Germany had to be destroyed. The organization called Daesh appeared on the Middle Eastern stage in the

Mass Immigration and the Undoing of Europe

African migrants camp out on the beach in the northern Italian town of Ventimiglia, along the French border, as they wait for the opportunity to cross into France. (Image source: AFP video screenshot)

In Germany, where traffickers are now dropping off illegal immigrants on Autobahns, authorities have reacted — not by trying to intercept or discourage traffickers, but by putting up new road signs alerting drivers of potential pedestrians on the highway. Last

Doris Wise Montrose, Founder of Jews Can Shoot, Talks About the Organizational Mission


Conference Call with Yossi Kuperwasser


With the deadline for a framework agreement with Iran fast approaching, TIP held a conference call with Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Yossi Kuperwasser, Former Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs (2011-2014) ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Brigadier-General (ret.) Yossi Kuperwasser was

PODCAST: European Jews in Danger Again: Amending the Immigration Act for Jews Wanting to Emigrate to America

Desecrated Jewish Graves in France