Month: April 2010

Evil’s Greatest Emissary, Adolf Hitler, Died on this Date

logo3 On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide and met his Maker. If his dream of world conquest and subsequent “Thousand-Year Reich” had been achieved, there would be no Jews and no Israel today.

They Don’t Have to Silence Us, If We Silence Ourselves First

logo3 Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this article’s author, Daniel Greenfield – Sultan Knish – and other respected bloggers at CJHS’s May 10th event “Watch Dog Media Bites Lap Dog Media.”  Details below.

Stop Worshipping the False “Peace Process” Religion

logo3 Jen, nothing better demonstrates the point that Aaron David Miller and you make about the “peace process” than the fact that, when speaking about it, one needs to put air quotes around it.

The View From Jerusalem

logo3 Why Israel is anxious about the Obama Administration Imagine that you’re an Israeli perusing the past week’s headlines. Senior U.S. military officials have told Congress that Iran may be a year away from producing a bomb’s worth of fissile material.

Barack Obama’s top ten insults against Israel

logo3 Last week Israel celebrated its 62nd year as a nation, but there was major cause for concern amid the festivities as the Israeli people faced the looming menace of a nuclear-armed Iran, as well as the prospect of a rapidly deteriorating relationship with Washington.


logo3 “Humanity sympathizes with a strenuous aspiration.  It can’t have respect for people who lack self respect.” – Pierre Van Paassen – “The Forgotten Ally” By Beth Gilinsky and Rabbi Aryeh Spero We have been receiving numerous communications from the People of Israel expressing how demoralized and abandoned the Jewish People in Israel feel by the lack of any strong and meaningful statement and vigorous, public demonstrations sponsored by any of the major and established Jewish organizations in support of Israel’s position regarding Jerusalem.