Month: August 2011

Islam Is Not Part of Our Civilization

islam_dominate1 Obama said at the latest White House Iftar dinner(A meal served at the end of the day during Ramadan, to break the day’s fast): Like so many faiths, Islam has always been part of our American family, and Muslim Americans have long contributed to the strength and character of our country, in all walks of life.

How the U.S. Solved the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

logo3 With the help of prognosticator John R. Miller — former U.S. ambassador-at-large on modern slavery, visiting scholar at the Institute for Government Studies at UC-Berkeley, and senior fellow at the Discovery Institute — we present this memo from the year 2016, which explains what misfortunes might have befallen the Middle East by then.

Enough Already Alan

AlanDershowitz2 by Merten Harney – August 25, 2011 Alan Dershowitz has just penned a very good editorial titled “Should Israel Welcome Glenn Beck’s Support?” He comes down in favor of Beck’s mission to Israel and his unwavering support for her.

European ‘No-Go’ Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating

montage “Occupation Without Tanks or Soldiers” by Soeren Kern – Hudson New York – August 22, 2011 Islamic extremists are stepping up the creation of “no-go” areas in European cities that are off-limits to non-Muslims.

Tutu’s war on Israel, Jews

Tutu4 Archbishop Tutu leads vile, racist campaign against Israel and Jewish people. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, whose role in the fight against South African apartheid in the 1980s gained him the Nobel Peace Prize and global fame, is among the world’s most respected figures.

12 Jews honored on African stamps as Apartheid fighters

Stamps1 “This stamp issue acknowledges the extraordinary sacrifices made by Jews to the liberation of their African brethren.”  The postal services of Liberia, Gambia and Sierra Leone will simultaneously issue a set of three commemorative postal sheets on Tuesday in memory of 12 Jews – men and women – who fought Apartheid and racism in Africa.

Yaakov Katz on November 3, 2011

Feature Yaakov Katz Once Israel was renowned for its bold, daring operations like the one at the Munich Olympics, the raid on Entebbe, and the more recent takedown of a Syrian nuclear reactor.

Multiculturalism = Racism

LondonRiots9 by Phyllis Chesler – Israel National News – August 11, 2011 There are none so blind as those who will not see.

ANOTHER TACK: A new Mideastern religion

Mahmoud Abbas It’s almost surreal to witness the White House resident and his European counterparts fall all over themselves in recharged alacrity for the “two-state solution.” Do they even remotely believe their own words?