Month: February 2013

Not so fast…

hagel brennan2-001 “All Cabinet members are nominated by the president and then presented to the Senate for confirmation or rejection by a simple majority.

Hagel’s Anti-Semitism – Deroy Murdock

hag Beneath his anti-Israelism is a broader anti-Jewish bias, often frankly expressed. ‘Let the Jews pay for it.” Are these words anti-Semitic?

John Kerry’s Peculiar Priorities – Joseph Klein

Kerry-for-FPM1-240x350 Editor’s note: The graphic on the left is created by our IllustWriter Bosch Fawstin. Visit his site here. Al Qaeda and its affiliates are running all over North Africa and the Middle East while remaining a serious threat to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Socialist Mind Game: A Brief Manual – Oleg Atbashian

shakedown socialism Oleg Atbashian is a writer and graphic artist from the former USSR. Born and raised in Ukraine, he used to be a teacher, a translator, a worker, a freelance journalist, and at one time a propaganda artist, creating visual agitprop for the local Party committee in a Siberian town. 

Time to Slay the Dragon of “McCarthyism” – Diana West

McCarthy I’ve begun taking whacks at the fire-breathing dragon of “McCarthyism” lately (beginning with this piece that ran in Dispatch International last month) as a terrorizing, paralyzing  figment of Communist-derived conditioning — an overall phenomenon I examine at great length in the new book, American Betrayal. 

Meet Ben Hecht, Wisecracking Jewish Hero – Stella Paul

hecht1 February  28th marks the 119th birthday of Ben Hecht, the  wisecracking genius who invented the screwball comedy and gangster movie, and  who raucously upheld the honor of American Jews in WWII.

How the press soft-pedaled Hitler – Rafael Medoff

hitler jns1 “There is at least one official voice in Europe that expresses understanding of the methods and motives of President Roosevelt—the voice of Germany, as represented by Chancellor Adolf Hitler.” That incredible statement was the opening line of a flattering feature story about the Nazi leader that appeared on the front page of the New York Times in 1933, and was typical of some early press coverage of Hitler, who rose to power 80 years ago on Jan.

Columbine survivor blasts Obama gun control agenda

columbine collage An open letter to President Barack Obama from a Columbine High School massacre survivor surfaced Wednesday, but one that isn’t likely to be paraded by the establishment and its media.

The Coolidge Lesson on Taxes and Spending – Amity Shlaes

calvin coolidge The 30th president had two lion cubs. Their names? Budget Bureau and Tax Reduction. Only Reagan could fix this. That’s the intuitive reaction to the surge of spending and budgetary challenges in Washington today.

The case for Judea and Samaria – Michael Freund

freund article The UN issued a harsh report against Israel aimed at undermining the legitimacy of Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria. At the end of January, the United Nations Human Rights Council declared war on Israel, issuing one of the harshest reports against the Jewish state in recent memory.