Member of Knesset Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan (Jewish Home) took the European Union to task on Wednesday for a report recommending a boycott targeting ethnic Jews living in Israel’s disputed Samaria and Judea regions.

The EU report also condemned Jewish construction in parts of Jerusalem won from Jordan during the 1967 Six-Day War.

“We are again witness to blatant interference in internal Israeli policy,” said Dahan, adding that EU consuls should be reminded that the era of British rule over the Jewish homeland has been over for many years.

In the report, the EU suggests its 27 member states “prevent, discourage and raise awareness about problematic implications of financial transactions, including foreign direct investments from within the EU in support of ‘settlement’ activities, infrastructure and services.”

The recommendation followed an internal report which alleged that Israel had used construction in Jerusalem, Samaria and Judea to undermine the regional agenda of Western powers, specifically in regards to Israel relinquishing its disputed heartland to the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority.

The report also called for tighter oversight on EU-Israel cooperation regarding technology and research, to ensure that such activities are not benefitting Israeli communities in the disputed territories.

“This report is intended to further delegitimize Israel in the world community, and in Europe in particular,” Ben-Dahan accused.

“It is outrageous that an official report of the European consulates would call important archaeological findings discovered in the land of Israel a ‘historic narrative’ that deliberately ignores other perspectives,” he continued. “The Europeans need to be reminded that we are the most ancient people on earth, and they cannot erase the findings in the land of Israel that confirm this.”

“The State of Israel allows the European Union to build projects in Area C for the sake of the Palestinians, on a scale of millions of euros,” he noted, referring to portions of Samaria and Judea still under full Israeli control.

“If this is the treatment that the State of Israel gets in return, I recommend that we reconsider that permission.”

Ben-Dahan concluded with a call to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (Likud) “not to be discouraged by the consuls’ talk, and to continue building Jerusalem.”

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Ben-Dahan Blasts EU for Meddling in Israeli Affairs – Eitam Abadi

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