Connecting the Dots: Vol. 13, Issue#1

We need your help – Symposium and Expert Panel – Schools for Subversion

North Korea And Iran—A Perfect Nuclear Alliance

Analysis: Pyongyang nuke test may also be Iranian – Yaakov Lappin

Silveira v. Lockyer: Judge Alex Kozinski’s Dissenting Opinion

Brainwashing Kids About Guns – Mark Tapson

The point of no return to Egypt – Rachel Wahba

Questions and Answers on the Eve of Obama’s Visit to Israel – Steven Plaut

Giving incitement the stamp of approval – Ben-Dror Yemini

Israelis Must Protest Obama’s Visit – Steven M. Goldberg

UPDATE: The Civil War is not analogous to the killing-Americans-with-drones problem – J.E. Dyer

Ed Koch and the Jewish Underground – Daniel Gordis and Raphael Medoff

Obama threatens vets’ pensions, Social Security checks – J.E. Dyer

German Church Becomes Mosque: “The New Normal” – Soeren Kern

The Gatekeepers Does Not Deserve an Oscar – Rick Richman

VIDEO: Blunt Threat to U.S.

Swallow Your Pride, Save Your Child – Daren Jonescu

Ben Carson for President (includes VIDEO) – WSJ

Time to release a convicted spy – Lawrence Korb (includes link to petition)

John Brennan is wrong man for CIA – Steven Emerson

Stalin’s Sock Puppet – Stefan Kanfer

Gunning for the Second Amendment: The debate over gun laws in America – March 21 at the Luxe Hotel Sunset

Confronting the Israeli Left and Arab Propaganda with Professor Abraham Sion of Ariel University

What’s being passed off as history in textbooks? With Professor Larry Schweikart